Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello World! Introducing Baby Bucket!

I am officially 15 Weeks Today! After keeping the story under wraps for the last 3 months we have decided to announce that we are expecting our first born Due August 27th!
We are very excited and I am slowly getting over the nervousness about having a baby. We decided at the end of November we would pull the goalie and start practicing for a baby. Who would have guessed that 2 weeks later we would be pregnant. Needless to say, I started feeling off around Christmas and we decided to take a few at home tests at the end of December.

Needless to say all four tests came back positive. A few weeks later we had a confirmation form the doctors and an ultrasound! Now a few appointments and another ultrasound later we are happy to announce there will be an addition to our family in a few months.
The morning sickness and ravenous behavior has passed, now I just have some heartburn and a stuffy nose. We will be finding out the sex at the end of April and can't wait!

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