Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fourth Official Purchase

We bought a new car! Say hello to our Kia Sorento. His name is White Rabbit. We can't wait for all of our new adventures! Tonight A DATE! Amazing!

We got to see the whole gang before we left, they approve!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Third Official Purchase

So one day soon I will stop numbering the purchases... We ran some errands today and found ourselves at Babies'R'Us. We ordered the baby furniture and they just happened to have the crib in stock.
Unexpectedly we ended up with the crib tonight. After dinner we decided we better put it together, so here it is. We should get the dresser and changing table in the next week or so. What a happy surprise! I still have to paint the room, but that's a next weekend project.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Second official purchase... I can't help myself.

Now that we know we are having a little boy I just can't help myself.
Soon I will get started on the nursery, and I can't wait. I'm a planner and I really like setting things up. You could say I like to organize, and I am super excited about getting ready. I had a couple of girlfriends visit this weekend; we knit all weekend and of course made a trip to the craft stores. I got some amazing fabric covered with monsters, very cute. So then I started thinking about getting
Baby Bucket a monster toy. So we found some uglydolls. In a few weekends they will have an official home, but for right now we are starting a pile of baby stuff in the spare room, which will in a few weeks start to transform into the nursery!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First official baby purchase!

We found out yesteday that we are having a little boy on August 27, 2010! We are so excited and just haven't been able to stop thinking about the baby boy we are going to have. We have decided to use the bigger spare room and turn it into a nursery. It is already this very nice teal and goes with the fabric I picked out months ago for the baby blanket. As it turned out after I got home I found I had picked out fabric and it was a little too boyish, so I decided to wait till we found out what the baby would be so I could change some of the fabric if it was a girl, but now I'm back at it. Well anyway, we were at Babies'r'us and found the bouncer that matches the pack'n'play, highchair, and swing we wanted and the bouncer is now discontinued. So we bought the floor model at a super
clearance price! Now we are officially in business!