Saturday, July 3, 2010

Off to Ellsworth

Off to Ellsworth we traveled. The trip took a bit longer than usual
due to the Fourth of July parade in Searsport, but we turned on some
tunes and got a tan while stopped on Route 1. An hour later traffic
was moving again and so were we. Charlie, Nancy, and Asher went for a
hike while I stayed back and worked on my knitting project. When they
returned it was time for LOBSTER! Today was pretty okay!

Goodbye Islesboro

After our two night stay we have decided to leave Islesboro. We are
sad to go but excited to have brunch with Nell and Little Lila before
making our way up to Ellsworth. We will miss the parade and fireworks,
but onward we go in search of family. I hope we come back to Islesboro
next summer with Baby Bucket.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Little Lila

Today was wonderful. Aunt Nell and Cousin Lila came to Islesboro.
After we all said hello it was time to have an early birthday party
for Lila. Presents were a success and the day just got better. We had
a lite lunch then went for a walk at Turtles Head, a spot on the
island. Then off to the Dark Harbor Shop for ice cream, where I sat
next tithe actor Chris O'Donnell, who was barefoot... It was kind of
strange. Then back to the Big House for naps and more playtime with
Lila. Best part of the day!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Night in Islesboro

Upon exiting the Ferry everyone pulled off to the side of the road to
avoid momma duck and the babies.

Waiting for the Ferry

We got to the Lincolnville to Islesboro Ferry Terminal about an hour
ago. We even had enough time to get a lobster roll and a grilled
cheese. Now we are just waiting in line for the 3pm run. Warm sun,
cool breeze, and a kicking baby (in my belly).
Waiting for the ferry relaxes Charlie, I'd say he's just about ready
to start feeling like he's on vacation.

It looks like we might be the only people to go out to the Big House
so far this summer. Hopefully Nell and Little Lila will come out
tomorrow. What a way to spend a few days. I love vacation.

Up to Maine

It's been awhile since my last post... Sometimes work gets in the way
of life.

Charlie and I just finished working for the International Festival of
Arts & Ideas in New Haven, CT. Since the long days are over we have
decided to drive up to Maine for a visit. Also, I am now 32 weeks
pregnant and I'm not sure if we'll be able to visit later in the
summer since I'm due August 27.

We left a bit ago and are looking forward to a few days of fun,
family, and frivolity. Join us on our visit.