Sunday, August 5, 2012

Maine in July

 Now that it is August and tomorrow we head out for another adventure I felt I had to go through July's adventures and share.

 July was the same as June, a trip to Maine, however so very different.  This time we headed to Islesboro, a short trip on the ferry and a world of change.  Blue sky, green grass, cool water, and everyone you pass gives you a wave.  It's a slower way to live.

 There aren't too many places to go on the island so we make do with what we have.  One thing we do have is GrandmaNan's enormous garden, I do think she could feed the entire island if they were cut off from society for the summer.   She had a jolly time setting up a scavenger hunt for Lila and Max.  They traveled under bridges, over bridges, looked under plants, and dug holes.  At the end each kid found an picture of an ice cream cone, then we headed to one of the shops on the island, The Dark Harbor Shop, to enjoy our rewards!


 There always seems to be one dark and story day on the island, which is nice and cool.  This time we spent the day with a puzzle, even Max got to help.  He was so excited to find the moon, and actually help make it fit.  Don't tell anyone, but dad kind of helped.

Every other minute was sent down the short walk to the water, where Max played with boats for what seemed like hours.  Mix in a few bike rides, some knitting, and more ice cream and you have summed up our July. 

Tomorrow we head to Iowa to spend time with my family.  maybe I will actually post a photo while we are in the middle of an activity... maybe I'll just enjoy the moments and get back to you!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Maine in June

Tomorrow we head back to Maine.  Life is hard.  Before We head out I wanted to share a few of of my favorite photos from our last trip. 

Max loves driving the boat.  In fact he gets upset when dad has to help steer away from rocks and such.  Charlie is already planning the "Test", kind of like a driving test.  Good luck with that dad.  On clear days we boat across the lake to a small beach and let Max play in the water and checkout the camp sites.  You should hear the plans Charlie has made for next summer when Max is old enough to Camp!  There are a few trail heads behind the beach that we plan to discover next time, I can't wait.
We had a great day out, starting very early with breakfast at Two Cats, fantastic restaurant, they brought toys to the table and Max was busy the whole time, mom and dad actually ate their meal together.  Then some hiking behind Jordan's Pond House, Max drove his cars along the bridge.  Now that he's getting bigger he really does not like to be carried, which means shorter hikes, or a screaming toddler.  I opt for a shorter hike, but either way nap time is awesome.
After nap it was time to hit the playground, and get some lunch!  Thank you Jordan's Snack Bar, no relation, for existing at the outskirts of town and about 20 minutes from the lake. 
The house on the lake is still new and not completely child friendly yet.  There are some plans but for now Jordan's is the place to be, and get the best fried clams you have ever had.  We like to order a small basket with a large salad and the whole family eats, followed by ice cream of course. 

Splitting our time between two places can be difficult, the minute we get into the swing of things we change locations.  Mind you we go from one fantastic spot with loving family into another.  Both a little out of the way with great adventures. 

On the second leg of our voyage we headed out to Islesboro, a small island off the coast of Camden.  This trip included a 15 minute ferry ride.  We got out and explored the ship, Max practiced parking his cars.  He may have a job someday working that ferry, he loves it so much.  We never seem to have enough time.  Oh well, I guess that is why we are going back.  More Maine photos and stories to come, as soon as the memories are made! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I love the Library!

Let's just say our weekly Library trips have been AMAZING!

I get the chance to find something fun to read and Max can bring home whatever he likes. Sometimes it's hard to keep to our limit, 5 books seem just right these days. However, 'The Z Was Zapped' seems to come home with us quite a bit. Chris Van Allsburg was one of my favorite author/illustrators when I was a kid, still is. As some my know Charlie framed my 'the Mysteries of Harris Burdick' prints a few years back and they hang in our front room. He tells amazing stories, and you can get lost in his drawings.

Best part about today, besides Max carrying his own book... He read it to me on the way home!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After a brief break... we are back!

Just a  few photos to keep the people happy.  You have missed...

Playgrounds, Puddles, and Sprinklers!

More to come in the next day or two!  Maine photos and stories!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Running Away

I now know where Max will go when he runs away. Rascals Gym and Evan's Toy Shoppe.

Everyday this week:
Max walks out our front door and turns right. Walks down the block then stops at the end driveway. Then he slowly walks to the edge of the driveway and points across the street. We cross the street and he leads me down the hill, around the corner and through the parking lot. We check in on Steve then straight to the train table.

Today, "Blee" and Asher went too.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Time with Max

Since the return from Iowa things have been a bit crazy around here. Asher has gone into the hospital a few times with an obstruction in his intestines. He is now home, he still has a long recovery ahead, but he seems happy to be home.

Max has been growing like a weed, he is now 34" tall and in the 90% for height. What a big 18 month old. The weather is turning warmer and we have been able to spend a lot of time outside, our favorite place.

We are now in the beginning of remodeling the kitchen. We had originally planned to add a few cabinets however Asher's Hospitalizations took a bit of the money planned for the project, so for now we are going to paint and replace the cracking linoleum. The plan is to continue working on the kitchen once we pay off a bit of the hospital bills that have come up.

However, I thought I would take a minute to share our trip to Ikea the other day to research material costs. We ended up having a great family date night out of it.  While walking through the store we came across the children's bedrooms.  Max found one he liked, after checking a few out, climbed right up into bed and said night-night.  I laughed so hard!  He then started racing his Hot Wheels all around the bed frame and really didn't want to leave.  Finally we started talking about dinner and walked over the the cafeteria and had a quick playtime in their "playground area" after dinner.  It was just the right amount of distraction and entertainment to keep us going.  I also have to mention that the three of us ate for $15.88, including dessert.  I know what we are doing next month!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A trip rehash

I know I'm a bit behind with sharing stories, the trip home was great and the travel home was very interesting. I get there and went to the doctor for a sinus infection which landed me at naptime for most of the visit.  I'd like to share a few of our favorite moments from our visit home.

Max had a blast playing with uncle Cody's old train track set but his favorite place to play at grandma and grandpa's house is in their shower. It is the perfect racetrack. Grandma bought Max his very first Hot Wheels set, they go everywhere with me!

We had a great adventure one evening which started with dinner with a lot of the family and Max got his very own "made by Great Grandpa Tease" crayon trucks. This truck is definitely one of Max's favorite new toys. The adventure continued with a sleepover with cousin Lizzy! Super fun bath times and picnics ensued.

Mommy's favorite part of the trip was Max getting his own seat on all four airplanes! We totally lucked out.

More adventures coming soon!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our New neighborhood Rocks!

On our daily walks we walk by this! A private skating park for the neighborhood kids. One day my husband asked why the owner made a skate rink in his yard. He answered, "I have two daughters, they have ice skates."

Good enough!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First swim lesson!

Today was Max's first ever real swim lesson.

Well, we got to the YMCA a bit early. This gave Max the chance to check things out while we got ready. I don't know which he liked better, the locker room or the actual pool.

It just happened that our instructor today was also our cousin Nicole. We had a great time. We sang songs and tried to blow bubbles. Max practiced "blowing bubbles" all day long. He would put a cup to his mouth and blow into it. Then when I would say 'good job' he would walk away clapping. We also uses the song "humpty dumpty" to learn when and how to jump into the pool. So great.

I think swim lessons will be an annual occurrence. It was great trying a new activity and learning more than expected.

When we got home Max ate a whole bowl of strawberries and passed out. He worked so hard today and did and amazing job. Hopefully we will get some actual pool pictures next week. Check back for more adventures!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Pet Store

Today was a very busy day. I think the best part was watching Max at the Pet store.

We went in to drop Asher off for his haircut, he can home so sweet and clean. Well, Max had to walk in all by himself. Straight in, up to the desk, then he ran all around the office. After Asher was checked in we walked out of the salon and straight to the birdies and other animals. Max really enjoyed the fish, but I think the guinea pigs were his favorite. At least it wasn't the mice. The turtles were still sleeping so we will say hello to them the next time. I hope he never asks for a ferret. I can handle reptiles, fish, or maybe even a bird, but no rodents please.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heading in the right direction

As Fats Domino once said, "I'm walking, yes indeed, I'm talking..."  And the Alexanders' are on our way! As the sun has set on the first day of 2012 I have to think this year is going to be even busier than the last. This year our son grew from a baby to a toddler; Max has started walking and talking and yes even throwing the occasional tantrum.  Every day we learned and play and grow.  As every other blogger in the world on this day I too look back and remember: resolutions, posts, adventures, and more.

New Years Day 2011

 2011 also brought a new career, motherhood, when do I get my raise?  Motherhood has brought challenges, both victories and losses.  I have faced my compulsions and learned to care and cherish my family day after day.  Along with my responsibilities of wife and mother I started my own business; the business is small but as my son it too will grow.

I hope you take a minute and look back on the last year, but keep walking to the future!

happy new year!