Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

TRICK OR TREAT! I made Max's first Halloween Costume... a PUMPKIN!

This morning we went out for Breakfast with our Friends the Cristman's at Lena's Cafe then off for a wonderful fall walk at Wintergreen Lake. Max wore his Skeleton outfit, we have been in the spirit for weeks now!

This afternoon we made Pumpkin Cookies!

I carved Jack The Pumpkin King!

Now we are ready for Trick or Treaters! I added a few more tombstones this year! Thanks Charlie for the help!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Max's First Ride

After a few weeks of checking each other out...sniffing, licking, and farting contests....Asher and Max finally get to play!

Max's First Smiles

This past week Max has grown so much. We started to notice that he was reacting and interacting. He has started smiling! One night just before bathtime we decided to try and capture his first smiles. Charlie goes a little crazy with the camera but it's worth it for the ending.

Introducing Max...

So 7 weeks later... here's MAX!

Maxwell James Alexander
Born on:9/1/10
Weight: 10lbs 3oz
Height: 23"
Continued from our last episode... By 11pm I had fully effaced and was just over 4cm dialted. Max's head had started to drop however the crown of his head was not. His head had started to cone, but wasn't continuing. I had also started to produce a small fever; once my fever reached 100* the midwives contacted the Doctor Once he arrived it was determined that I was not progressing and was having a disfunctional labor. I was given another epidural and we headed off for the operating room.

Once we got there the C-section went well... Unfortnately my arms had to be taped down due to some shaking from the epidural and adrenalin. Max was pulled out to hoot and hollers from those attending. He's the biggest baby they've seen for a long time. Charlie brought him over to me and we got to spend a few minutes together before he was taken to the NICU. Since I developed a small fever Max had to spend at least 2 days there until bloodwork was checked out. We ended up staying in the NICU for 5 days, the doctors wanted to make sure that we were all ready to come home.

We arrived home Sunday September 5th. Everything seemed to go by so fast, yet it seemed to last forever. We came home and had a week of wonderful help from Grammy and Papa Flowers and then GrandmaNan spent the next week with us. We have had 2 doctors appointments and at one month Max weighed 12lbs and won everyone's hearts in the office. we go in next week for our 2 Month Appointment.

More photos and videos to come, we have been busy... Coming soon...
Max's First Smiles
Max Makes Friends
Max's First Ride