Sunday, September 18, 2011

The benefit of being homeless this weekend

As many may have read Saturday's post my family has not moved into our new house and we are currently residing in a hotel.

There is a bright side to this sad tale. There are several wonderful events happening in and around Hamden this weekend. Since we are not busy unpacking boxes we decided to attend these events. So far life in Hamden is good.

Activities this weekend:
Play in new neighborhood park
Visit new neighborhood dog park
Touch a Truck at Hamden Hall
East Rock Festival on Orange
Dinner at Cumin Indian Restaurant
Breakfast at Bella's, my favorite breakfast spot
Sunday in the Park at Edgerton Park
Dinner with friends

So far the only thing I could ask for is a house, but at least we are in the right town.

More to come!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sometimes plans fail

The last 24 hours did not work out as planned. As many people know we were supposed to move into our new house.

The plan:
Pick up Uhaul
Pull uhaul into driveway
Load furniture into truck
Clean house sleep

Clean house
Drop Asher at groomers
Check GrandmaNan and Max into hotel
Sign papers to sell our house and buy new house
Drive uhaul to new house
Inspect new house
Buying house complete
Clean house
Pod delivery
Unload truck

Here's what really happened:
Pick up uhaul
Get uhaul stuck in driveway- call cops and tow truck to get out
Park truck across the street
Load furniture across the street
Starts raining
Continue loading truck in the dark

Load out last minute furniture
Clean house
Sign unexpected paperwork and email
Drop Asher off at groomers
Check GrandmaNan and Max into hotel
Sign papers to sell our house
More unexpected paperwork to email
Drive uhaul to new house
Inspect new house
Find smoking furnace
Get into fender bender
Attempt to sign papers- sellers unreachable- do not close
Check into additional room at hotel
Find clothes in truck and check pod delivery
Drive back to hotel
Go to bed late because Max is in new place and won't sleep
Not sleep due to Asher constantly needing to go outside to pee

The Bad News: As of yesterday we find we are homeless.

The Good News: The furnace has been fixed and we should be able to close on Monday.

Cross your fingers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Packing up

Well, we are almost all packed up. Tomorrow we will load up the rest of the boxes in the pod and start taking apart furniture that won't fit thru doors assembled. I think we will also move some of the larger items downstairs in anticipation of the Uhaul. We are scheduled to pick up the truck on Thursday and load up. Sometime that night we get to clean and find anything that has been forgotten. The goal is to sleep on cots and pack n plays Thursday night so we have little to do Friday morning. Then on to inspections and signing papers. Then do it all in reverse.

I wish it was all over. I can't wait to get to the new house. I think the best part has been all the help from Max!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sunday before.

Today started as any usual Sunday. Wake up. Morning walk. This is where we remembered. This is our last Saturday in Naugatuck. So we headed to Coddingtons, the local breakfast spot. Max hate almost an entire plate of egg and pancake. He is one. Coddingtons is his first breakfast spot. I am sad to leave my house however I am excited for life!

Ps just discovered free blogger app. I can now manage all blogs at once. This rules! Anyone who has multiple websites using this format can juggle and blog with ease. So far.

Pps Minor mishap to user error. Double check the top banner to ensure posting to correct site!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

And so it begins...

A few days ago the pod arrived. We now have 12 days to fill it with boxes and other miscellaneous items. We get a small Uhaul on 9/15 to load with all our furniture and anything else that won't fit in the pod. We are scheduled to close on 9/16 on the new house. Keep your fingers crossed that we can stay on target.