Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Five in Florida

Today started out with a very interesting and involved dream, the short story: a cursed family, treasure hunters and a buried house... Charlie says I should write it all down and publish it as a short story. Too bad it was a dream and somehow they leak out of your brain as you move on with your day... so, moving on.
We have been parking at Abby and Chad's condo, they have a rule about parking trucks in their parking lot. We have been parking there for the past 5 days; this morning we found a note on the window saying we we're breaking the rules and we we're going to be towed if we didn't move the truck. So we drove to the nature preserve and had a lovely walk.

After our walk we packed up the truck and headed to Delray Beach where we ate a marvolous lunch at Sliders; after a short walk we ended up at the Beach! It was wonderful!

Around 4pm the wind picked up and we ended up by the pool at the Little Apartment before heading off to a great dinner spot, Cabana-Cuban food. Where we sat outside and ate and watched the sun set.

On the walk back to the Little Apartment we stopped at the new fancy hotel on Atlantic Ave for some Ice Cream and they had the most wonderful fish tanks I've ever seen. All in all it was an amazing day!

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