Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Six in Florida

Today was different; we woke up and attended a National Croquet Tornament in West Palm featuring Charlie Sr and Tim. They won one and lost one so they play for the Championship tomorrow morning. I must say it was the most civilized sporting event I have ever been to. Not a all like the events I went to or was apart of growing up. There was no yelling, no cheering, there was hardly any clapping. Just four people to a court hitting balls through little white wickets. Granted this is not your average backyard game, these are serious competitors and should not be taken lightly. They all wear white and mean to win. Below is a shot from todays final game.

After game we headed back to Delray, everyone went to the beach so I decided to get some alone time at the pool. Today finally I got a tan. Afterwards we all got ready for a dinner party at the Brights on the intercoastal.

Dinner at the Brights is always a wonderful event. And evening filled with good food, amazing conversation, and a hell of a good time. We never wanted to leave, but sadly tomorrow we head back to Connecticut. Ending this evening at a large table with empty glasses and plates on the intercoastal was the best way to end an almost week in Florida. We have felt loved and well cared for on this visit. We started looking towards nest years vacation and realized we will have a 6 month old baby with us and how our lives will never be the same, but we also realized that it is only going to get better. Thank you Florida, and on that note, this is how I left the evening.

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