Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sorry for the Radio Silence

I took a bit of an unexpected vacation. Our trip to Iowa was long, returning home to a flooded basement, was also unexpected. However we survived with little damage. School started back up and life got busy. Hurricanes rocked our world, although we had no damage. New babies were welcomed into our world, while others were lost before their time. Rocky waters washed along our shores and the boat started rocking. I have been sad the past few months. I have taken some time for myself, and more importantly with Max. I stopped sharing our stories with family and friends, I missed our random communications.

So, new goals, not resolutions... Be Happy... Live each day... Make Art, everyday... Love Max.

Now it's time to catch up. The questions, touch on everything we have missed over the last few months? Move on entirely? Start fresh? While I think about how I would like to catch up I will share a recent photo. One of my favorites. I am lucky to share naptimes with this little boy. Everyday is different and for that i am thankful.