Friday, July 13, 2012

Maine in June

Tomorrow we head back to Maine.  Life is hard.  Before We head out I wanted to share a few of of my favorite photos from our last trip. 

Max loves driving the boat.  In fact he gets upset when dad has to help steer away from rocks and such.  Charlie is already planning the "Test", kind of like a driving test.  Good luck with that dad.  On clear days we boat across the lake to a small beach and let Max play in the water and checkout the camp sites.  You should hear the plans Charlie has made for next summer when Max is old enough to Camp!  There are a few trail heads behind the beach that we plan to discover next time, I can't wait.
We had a great day out, starting very early with breakfast at Two Cats, fantastic restaurant, they brought toys to the table and Max was busy the whole time, mom and dad actually ate their meal together.  Then some hiking behind Jordan's Pond House, Max drove his cars along the bridge.  Now that he's getting bigger he really does not like to be carried, which means shorter hikes, or a screaming toddler.  I opt for a shorter hike, but either way nap time is awesome.
After nap it was time to hit the playground, and get some lunch!  Thank you Jordan's Snack Bar, no relation, for existing at the outskirts of town and about 20 minutes from the lake. 
The house on the lake is still new and not completely child friendly yet.  There are some plans but for now Jordan's is the place to be, and get the best fried clams you have ever had.  We like to order a small basket with a large salad and the whole family eats, followed by ice cream of course. 

Splitting our time between two places can be difficult, the minute we get into the swing of things we change locations.  Mind you we go from one fantastic spot with loving family into another.  Both a little out of the way with great adventures. 

On the second leg of our voyage we headed out to Islesboro, a small island off the coast of Camden.  This trip included a 15 minute ferry ride.  We got out and explored the ship, Max practiced parking his cars.  He may have a job someday working that ferry, he loves it so much.  We never seem to have enough time.  Oh well, I guess that is why we are going back.  More Maine photos and stories to come, as soon as the memories are made! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I love the Library!

Let's just say our weekly Library trips have been AMAZING!

I get the chance to find something fun to read and Max can bring home whatever he likes. Sometimes it's hard to keep to our limit, 5 books seem just right these days. However, 'The Z Was Zapped' seems to come home with us quite a bit. Chris Van Allsburg was one of my favorite author/illustrators when I was a kid, still is. As some my know Charlie framed my 'the Mysteries of Harris Burdick' prints a few years back and they hang in our front room. He tells amazing stories, and you can get lost in his drawings.

Best part about today, besides Max carrying his own book... He read it to me on the way home!