Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First swim lesson!

Today was Max's first ever real swim lesson.

Well, we got to the YMCA a bit early. This gave Max the chance to check things out while we got ready. I don't know which he liked better, the locker room or the actual pool.

It just happened that our instructor today was also our cousin Nicole. We had a great time. We sang songs and tried to blow bubbles. Max practiced "blowing bubbles" all day long. He would put a cup to his mouth and blow into it. Then when I would say 'good job' he would walk away clapping. We also uses the song "humpty dumpty" to learn when and how to jump into the pool. So great.

I think swim lessons will be an annual occurrence. It was great trying a new activity and learning more than expected.

When we got home Max ate a whole bowl of strawberries and passed out. He worked so hard today and did and amazing job. Hopefully we will get some actual pool pictures next week. Check back for more adventures!

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