Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A trip rehash

I know I'm a bit behind with sharing stories, the trip home was great and the travel home was very interesting. I get there and went to the doctor for a sinus infection which landed me at naptime for most of the visit.  I'd like to share a few of our favorite moments from our visit home.

Max had a blast playing with uncle Cody's old train track set but his favorite place to play at grandma and grandpa's house is in their shower. It is the perfect racetrack. Grandma bought Max his very first Hot Wheels set, they go everywhere with me!

We had a great adventure one evening which started with dinner with a lot of the family and Max got his very own "made by Great Grandpa Tease" crayon trucks. This truck is definitely one of Max's favorite new toys. The adventure continued with a sleepover with cousin Lizzy! Super fun bath times and picnics ensued.

Mommy's favorite part of the trip was Max getting his own seat on all four airplanes! We totally lucked out.

More adventures coming soon!

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