Monday, March 12, 2012

Time with Max

Since the return from Iowa things have been a bit crazy around here. Asher has gone into the hospital a few times with an obstruction in his intestines. He is now home, he still has a long recovery ahead, but he seems happy to be home.

Max has been growing like a weed, he is now 34" tall and in the 90% for height. What a big 18 month old. The weather is turning warmer and we have been able to spend a lot of time outside, our favorite place.

We are now in the beginning of remodeling the kitchen. We had originally planned to add a few cabinets however Asher's Hospitalizations took a bit of the money planned for the project, so for now we are going to paint and replace the cracking linoleum. The plan is to continue working on the kitchen once we pay off a bit of the hospital bills that have come up.

However, I thought I would take a minute to share our trip to Ikea the other day to research material costs. We ended up having a great family date night out of it.  While walking through the store we came across the children's bedrooms.  Max found one he liked, after checking a few out, climbed right up into bed and said night-night.  I laughed so hard!  He then started racing his Hot Wheels all around the bed frame and really didn't want to leave.  Finally we started talking about dinner and walked over the the cafeteria and had a quick playtime in their "playground area" after dinner.  It was just the right amount of distraction and entertainment to keep us going.  I also have to mention that the three of us ate for $15.88, including dessert.  I know what we are doing next month!


  1. I love the sidewalk chalk drawing labelled by colors- you're going to have the only kid in kindergarten who knows the difference between blue, teal, and green!