Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another day: Today just happens to be in February

Today is another day, all the groundhogs saw their shadows, a person I know got canned, it's February. I seem to have been in a haze these days. January just happened to keep going until I realized yesterday was a new month. When your life gets too busy and you can hardly keep up with it all you can think about is some time off. When the time off comes you have thought about it, you have a plan. What happens if the plan doesn't happen?

That was January 2010. I finished a gig and crashed; I think back and remember I had a plan. There were projects and goals. I was going to make a lot of things, I had inspiration and feeling productive. Then I got home and sat down... nothing. I sat in a chair for close to a week, sitting, staring at the TV. I didn't knit, draw, or even think about doing anything. I'm pretty sure I spent a few days in my PJ's. I wasn't depressed, just crashed. It's hard to explain if you've never felt the crash, I think everyone has, just think back to college vacations.

Now I'm back! At least the want is back. I want to make things again and be apart of everything again. I am still tired, but all of that will soon be explained away. I'm getting back on schedule, the schedule has changed, but I'm getting back to it. Better late than never. So here I sit, ready to start again.

Hello February!

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