Friday, July 8, 2011

What a day!

This morning began with a view. See that mountain. I climbed it.

Schoodic Mountain lies directly across the pond from camp. After breakfast, around 8am, we said goodbye to Max and jumped in the little whaler and headed off to start our climb. We finished around 10:30am, had enough time to grab a snack and start a painting before Max woke up from his nap. (Pictures of the painting to come in a future post.)
As it turns out, we have camp to ourselves today. Just my own little family. Everything has just been wonderful.  After I finished my painting we went out for a quick lunch at Jordan's Snack Bar, best fried clams ever.  Then we decided it was time to introduce Max to Donnell Pond And he loved every minute of it. He was very interested in the water and of course the boats. We decided to brave a screaming fit and took him out for a short ride in the little whaler. We started out very slowly, pushed away from the dock and Max started jumping up and down. Max was ecstatic. We slowly rode around part of the pond, at one point dad started to get a little faster and Max jumped even higher he was so happy. As we traveled by different parts of the pond and Max would wave at the trees; we later decided he was saying hi.

Go climb a mountain tomorrow. You can do it. You never know what the rest of your day might bring.

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