Sunday, April 18, 2010

Third Official Purchase

So one day soon I will stop numbering the purchases... We ran some errands today and found ourselves at Babies'R'Us. We ordered the baby furniture and they just happened to have the crib in stock.
Unexpectedly we ended up with the crib tonight. After dinner we decided we better put it together, so here it is. We should get the dresser and changing table in the next week or so. What a happy surprise! I still have to paint the room, but that's a next weekend project.


  1. Buying a crib makes it all seem so "official"--as though the growing belly isn't enough! We got a deal on a bunch of baby furniture/stuff on craigslist and suddenly it was like "Instant Nursery" for us. Decorating for Baby is so fun--enjoy every minute!

    -Lori at I Can Grow People

  2. but I like the tan room - oh well!

    congratulations! you have baby furniture!