Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Snow Day!

This morning started like any other morning. Charlie woke up at 6am and got in the shower... Then everything changed. At 6:15am Charlie's phone rang. It was his school, Snow Day. Charlie gets back into bed. At 6:45am my phone rings, my friend and carpenter is calling out of work today. At 7am my alarm goes off and I look out the window. I realize I'm not leaving this morning. I email my school and then the playhouse. The last time I drove down the Merrit Parkway in weather like this I totalled my car. They say I can stay home. Everything is now very slushy outside. Charlie shovels the driveway incase we have to leave.  I decide not to drive 30 miles in slushy weather on major highways.

So I now declare today officially a snow day. Soon I will make brownies and watch Christmas movies with my husband.  We weren't expecting to see each other for the next 10 days. So I am happy that the snow fell last night. I am afraid I might start falling behind on the high school show, but I will work everything out somehow.  I don't know how but I always do. Now it's time to go downstairs and sew some Christmas presents while Charlie grades his class journals, while listening to Christmas music. Home on a snowy day, I think we can handle it. I'll try really hard to enjoy it.

Oh, I also discovered that I can send posts and pictures to my blog from my phone, so I am not testing this practice. I have typed this messange on my iphone, now I will see if it works. This new function should make posting new ramblings very handy! Good luck message. Off you go.

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