Thursday, November 3, 2011

100th Entry! Getting Cozy.

 Well, this blog marks my 100th Entry, or shall we say rambling.  I thought I would share this moment.

It snowed last Saturday.  We had friends over for brunch ans the minute the white fluffy stuff started to fall we ran out with the babies.  I love the idea of the first snow.  I hope Max will love it as well.  He tried to catch it a couple of times, when he's a little bit older we will try to catch them on our tongues.  I guess this means winter is heading our way.  Then on to the new year!  This year have been amazing.  I wonder what will happen next!

1 comment:

  1. It feels to early for snow to me, but I guess it is November already, huh? What fun to see the little one be old enough to really respond to the environment!