Saturday, February 26, 2011

Max's First Flight

A few days late... We've been busy. Wednesday was Max's first airplane ride. We made it to the airport and thru check in just fine. Security went as well as expected, however putting your belt and shoes back on while holding an Infant is somewhat difficult. After making it past security I had just enough time to grab a bottle of water and some breakfast and shove them into my bag. Then off to change Max's diaper and make a bottle; I walked to the terminal and straight on the plane. The doors closed and then Max pooped, not just any poop, a blowout. We waited till the seatbelt sign turned off and we got cleaned up. Once we landed in Chicago O'Hare we had about an hour of relaxation. I spread out a blanket and Max played with a few toys while I enjoyed a bite to eat. Then on to plane #2. This flight was much better. Max took a bottle at take off and fell asleep for the remainder of the flight. Overall I'd say Max's first flight was a success. I hope our return goes as well.

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