Wednesday, September 1, 2010

24 hrs in

It's been a productive 24 hours. After an evening of cervidil, I started having contractions on my own at 4 am this morning, 2 to 4 minutes apart. They increased steadily throughout the morning. At 10, they started me on petosin to give my contractions a little help. Around noon, I had a nonstop cluster of contractions with a very large baby moving around, at which time they broke my water. At this point the pain got intense enough from the petosin, I accepted the offer of an epideral. Now, 24 hours in I am 4 cm dilated, fully effaced and ready to go. As long as I keep progressing I should have baby by morning.


  1. GO Janie GO! looking forward to the next update! love you guys!

  2. Grandma just called...I'm very proud of you. Big boys are lots of fun!! Love you guys and Welcome to the family big guy!